Sunday, September 12, 2010

Feel Bored Drag

Starting off with some rock, the new Anberlin album Dark Is A Way, Light Is A Place starts off powerful and engaging. Pressing forward and hoping for another Paper Thin Hymn, I'm sad to say I was let down. With each track my mind continued to wander farther from the album. In an interview with, a band member was quoted saying this new record had an "in the zone" feel all throughout the writing and recording process.

While I wish Anberlin had created a masterpiece worthy of competition with Britney Spears' third studio album, it didn't have a "Toxic" feel to me. Regardless, as one of my favorite bands, I really hope they are successful enough with this release to record a new album that leans more towards New Surrender and Never Take Friendship Personal than the "Dream Within A Dream Tour".

As a side note:

"Woahs" have become a dangerous tool in a songwriters bag of tricks. Through the development of our genre, "Woahs" have become a cheap tactic in a formulaic songwriting pattern to add some free, and most of the time heartless, catchyness. Please! replace those "Woahs" with lyrics unless you can nail an absolute perfect moment.

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