Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lydia Assailants

The news is out, Lyida is breaking up, but they left us with a little gift in the form of their Assailants EP. I listened to their full length a good amount, but it never grabbed me enough to really get into them. The band had some time to mature, and they really stepped it up with their last release as Lydia. The Assailants EP is a little more poppy while keeping the stock Lyida sound, and also not being so depressing I can't listen to the whole CD(see the full length).

Some of the highlights come from the great lyric and melody writing. From the first full song We Clean Up So Well comes some great musical moments.

Just stay with the V.I.P's
It's all in the photography,
and the parties.
Now that you're here,
I guess we made it.
I saw the fear, it covered your faces.

Another highlight for me comes from track 4 I've Never Seen A Witch.

All hail the queen still
I've never seen a witch this mean

This really isn't a review, this is one music lover telling you to listen to this EP right now, you won't be disappointed.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Life On Hold - The Run-Around EP

Starting off with a dash of string quartet, The Run-Around EP kicks into some sugary pop punk that could part the clouds on even the gloomiest Boston day. "Forever and Always" as well as "The Greatest Let Down of the Century" are incredibly catchy songs that will keep you awake and singing along like a Halloween sugar high. In the closing number, Life On Hold demonstrates their versatility. Transitioning from the classic pop-punk power chords and octaves to an emotional piano power ballad. Throughout "Atlantic Summer", Ally demonstrates her monster vocal ability while reaching into the listeners chest, giving those heart strings a gentle tug.

Following in the footsteps of pop-punk greats, Life On Hold sports some great songwriting and an exciting, engaging live show. The my favorite part of Life On Hold's The Run-Around EP and their live show is that every member has major vocal skills. Everyone involved has awesome pipes, and they consistently make use of them. Even with so much talent, all of the members of Life On Hold are totally down to earth, nice people. With their strong musical skills and sunny dispositions in both their music and their personalities, Life On Hold deserves success.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

When All Seems Awesome

Starting off with an old school jam, the DJ slows the record and drops it hard into the reinvented electro pop duo's new album “When All Seems Lost”. Breathingsparks make their full length debut with a tight grip on their space-age synth sounds, a complete lock on their pounding bass beats, and lyrics that could make Chuck Lidell's heart flutter and swoon.

Returning to “Contact”, Breathing Sparks display their incredible progress. Humbly beginning as two friends tinkering with their first MIDI keyboards and Garageband, Keenan Jolliff and Kiran Surdhar have become electronic artists that truly compete with established professionals.

Throughout the album, the ambitious songwriting never lets up. Creativity permeates every layer and fold of the artistic songs. Breathingsparks does an incredible job giving each track its own life. They have gracefully avoided the “same synth sounds” rut that many electronic artists get caught in. Every song on this album has its own clear identity. “When All Seems Lost” ranges from dance club beats, to chiptunes, to instrumental poetry slams, to poppy emo electronica.

The songs, especially “Melody” and the title track “When All Seems Lost”, beautifully walk the line between Daft Punk and Blink 182. Melodies will have you instantly singing along, but lyrics will keep you chewing on songs for weeks.

To check out "Melody" and It's "Gonna Rain All Night": Click Here!

Produced by Nick Esposito of The Title and Alpha Studios, “When All Seems Lost” sounds huge. With groove to spare, Nick is a MacGyver of synth sounds. He could take a 70's roller disco and remix it into an Aphid Twin track. Needless to say, Nick is an incredibly talented producer and songwriter who clearly has bright future both with his band and producing career.

Impressively talented for their age, Keenan Jolliff, Kiran Surdhar, and Nick Esposito have created one of the best electronic releases of the year. A multicolored light show crushed into a tasty bite-sized ten song album, “When All Seems Lost” is a success and sure become a staple in the genre.

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