Friday, November 20, 2009

Paramore - Brand New Eyes

Paramore's newest release "Brand New Eyes" featuring the singles "Ignorance" and "Brick By Boring Brick" proves that the female fronted rock group is and will continue to be a powerhouse in the Emo/Pop-Rock music scene.

Ignorance is a solid, catchy, attitude filled track written about Hayley being treated poorly by her band members. Boasting some amazing "Hey!"s, this track is sure to get the crowd on their feet. My favorite track on the album is the band's second single "Brick By Boring Brick". Written about a fairy tale romance gone ary, this song has some creative lyrics and a prechorus/chorus that I promise will one-two punch you into sing-a-longsville.

Recently Paramore has been releasing acoustic videos which are very impressive. Before the release of their album there were countless videos of their songs Decode, Ignorance, and even a Kings of Leon cover that are simple jaw dropping. Hayley's voice has definitely matured over the last few years of Rock N' Roll. She has unbelievable control and range which really shines in an acoustic setting.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Every Avenue Leaked Early Through Alex From ATL

New Every Avenue Song Leaked! Check it out here!

AlexAllTimeLow: "I just received a new @everyavenue song, and, well... I'm leaking it because the world needs to hear it."

This new jam was recently thrown up on TWTFM by the lead singer, guitar player, and ladies man Alex Gaskarth. The new song "Picture Perfect" will be released on Every Avenue's new CD also titled "Picture Perfect" which will be in stores on November 3rd, 2009.

After one listen I completely agree that the world needs to hear it. Contrasting between hard rock guitars and soft synth parts with a very Anberlin-ish chorus, this song is so sweet it will give your ears cavities. Give it a listen and post your thoughts!

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Conditions - You Are Forgotten EP + Show Review

This evening I'd like to take you on an adventure. With my imagination brush, I shall paint you a story of the most epicest proportions. Take my hand. No seriously, take my hand right now.... Ok good. Here we go.

The Setting - A veterans center in Melrose Massachusetts sporting 70's decor with old brown carpet, cheesy office ceiling tiles, a chandelier, and bowling trophies in the windows.

The Drama - A show of pretty solid local bands headlined by the up and coming "movers and shakers" Conditions.

The curtain opens (there was definitely no curtain) and conditions has effectively turned a highschool dance floor, discoball included, into a rock venue fit for only a true troupe of tight pant, tattooed, spiky haired rock stars that you would be reluctant to bring home to mom (allright fine, they were extremely nice southern boyz you would actually be pretty proud to bring home to mum). Not only did they bring the ruckus with their hot jams, they basically brought their own stage set up. The band provided three platforms out in front of the stage, two separate banners, a rig of flashing lights above the drummer, and a strobe light under the singer, all covered in the "Conditions" color scheme and logo. Opening with their proven and trusted "Keeping Pace With Planes", every scene kid in the youth center turned with their head cocked to the side, asking themselves "Wait, is that Therefore Tomorrow's older, better looking, brother's band?". Once the attention was grabbed, Conditions held the unsuspecting youthz gaze' stronger than the new blonde intern at the office attempting to put her whole fist in her mouth.

The set included songs from their Self Titled EP (released in early 2008), as well as new tracks from their new EP entitled "You Are Forgotten". Throughout the 6 songs frontman Brandon Roundtree sang extremely well, soaring above the dark and heavy guitars while switching from "I'm extremely good looking" stage antics to "I'm seriously possesed" looks of insanity that would earn him a high five backstage from Ozzy Osbourne. The other band members Jason Marshall, Alex Howard, and Ryan Tinsley we're equally as solid, and with only a few exceptions they completely nailed the instrumentals.

In this day and age of vampire sex idols, melting ice caps, and fueds between Kanye and my girl Tay Tay (Team Tswift obv) its hard to find a band that really delivers both in a live show and a recording. Conditions is definitely one of those few diamonds in the rough, and you need to check them out.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Saosin - In Search of Solid Ground

When it comes to a good ol' "Search For a Solid Album", Lil Wayne (as usual) said it best in his guest rap in the song "Down" by Jay Sean:

Indefinitely, not probably, and honestly I'm down like the economy

"In Search of Solid Ground", Released September 8, ended my search (at least for the week) for some hot jams with singers who couldn't sing nearly as high without such tight jeans, busy guitar shredding, and drummers who shake their sexy hair all around when they beat the crap out of their kit just like the legendary muppet, Animal. Mr. Cover Reber starts this journey through emo rock with a soft haunting whisper "Keep Me A Secret", I however will not be keeping this hard hitting full length a secret in any way.

Notable Tracks -

I Keep My Secrets Safe - Brings the rock just like older Saosin. Would fit on their last release flawlessly.

On My Own - A remake of an older song, they "never thought they'd let you down" and I promise this track won't.

What Were We Made For? - Incredible prechorus will have you singing like Mike Tyson in "The Hangover". Hopefully less punching, but if they stole your tiger they might deserve it.

Before these tracks were released, the album artwork was displayed on Surprisingly all of the forum posters absolute(punk)ly hated it. Upon reading this negative response, Saosin went back to their roots with a simpler piece of art sporting the inside gears of a clock on a black background.

First Draft:

Final Cover:

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