Thursday, September 10, 2009

Saosin - In Search of Solid Ground

When it comes to a good ol' "Search For a Solid Album", Lil Wayne (as usual) said it best in his guest rap in the song "Down" by Jay Sean:

Indefinitely, not probably, and honestly I'm down like the economy

"In Search of Solid Ground", Released September 8, ended my search (at least for the week) for some hot jams with singers who couldn't sing nearly as high without such tight jeans, busy guitar shredding, and drummers who shake their sexy hair all around when they beat the crap out of their kit just like the legendary muppet, Animal. Mr. Cover Reber starts this journey through emo rock with a soft haunting whisper "Keep Me A Secret", I however will not be keeping this hard hitting full length a secret in any way.

Notable Tracks -

I Keep My Secrets Safe - Brings the rock just like older Saosin. Would fit on their last release flawlessly.

On My Own - A remake of an older song, they "never thought they'd let you down" and I promise this track won't.

What Were We Made For? - Incredible prechorus will have you singing like Mike Tyson in "The Hangover". Hopefully less punching, but if they stole your tiger they might deserve it.

Before these tracks were released, the album artwork was displayed on Surprisingly all of the forum posters absolute(punk)ly hated it. Upon reading this negative response, Saosin went back to their roots with a simpler piece of art sporting the inside gears of a clock on a black background.

First Draft:

Final Cover:

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  1. wow this sounds sweeeet, and i love the muppet Animal... so boss


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