Sunday, September 18, 2011

Stevie B. Wolf

In the last few years I've spent a lot of time with musicians, some very successful and some not so much. It's clear to me that it takes a lot more than talent to succeed in anything, but especially music. Stevie Wolf is clearly a musician who works. He's the guy who's spent thousands of hours crafting, perfecting, practicing, rehearsing, and it shows.

With his first release Sky Blues: A Demo, Stevie had an edgier sound, almost like a Sonic The Hedgehog soundtrack in the best way. It leans towards pop-punk, ska, with a little bit of surf rock thrown in. While these older songs definitely demonstrate Stevie's talent, I feel that in his newer releases on Myspace are much closer to the real Stevie. Writing music is always a self-searching, self-defining process, and with his new songs I think he's gotten a lot closer to his real style. Almost Perfect, Christmas In July, and Life Through a Camera Lens sound like they were written by John Mayer's younger and better looking brother. They're chilled out, super polished and they allow Stevie some breathing room for his smooth, playful vocals and melodic, classy, technically complex guitar parts.

Stevie is a very talented musician with a work ethic to match. His songs are fun, catchy, and easy to pick up and sing along to. If you dig John Mayer, Dispatch, or just good music, you should give Stevie B. Wolf a few moments of your time, you'll be glad that you did.

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