Friday, November 20, 2009

Paramore - Brand New Eyes

Paramore's newest release "Brand New Eyes" featuring the singles "Ignorance" and "Brick By Boring Brick" proves that the female fronted rock group is and will continue to be a powerhouse in the Emo/Pop-Rock music scene.

Ignorance is a solid, catchy, attitude filled track written about Hayley being treated poorly by her band members. Boasting some amazing "Hey!"s, this track is sure to get the crowd on their feet. My favorite track on the album is the band's second single "Brick By Boring Brick". Written about a fairy tale romance gone ary, this song has some creative lyrics and a prechorus/chorus that I promise will one-two punch you into sing-a-longsville.

Recently Paramore has been releasing acoustic videos which are very impressive. Before the release of their album there were countless videos of their songs Decode, Ignorance, and even a Kings of Leon cover that are simple jaw dropping. Hayley's voice has definitely matured over the last few years of Rock N' Roll. She has unbelievable control and range which really shines in an acoustic setting.

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