Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lydia Assailants

The news is out, Lyida is breaking up, but they left us with a little gift in the form of their Assailants EP. I listened to their full length a good amount, but it never grabbed me enough to really get into them. The band had some time to mature, and they really stepped it up with their last release as Lydia. The Assailants EP is a little more poppy while keeping the stock Lyida sound, and also not being so depressing I can't listen to the whole CD(see the full length).

Some of the highlights come from the great lyric and melody writing. From the first full song We Clean Up So Well comes some great musical moments.

Just stay with the V.I.P's
It's all in the photography,
and the parties.
Now that you're here,
I guess we made it.
I saw the fear, it covered your faces.

Another highlight for me comes from track 4 I've Never Seen A Witch.

All hail the queen still
I've never seen a witch this mean

This really isn't a review, this is one music lover telling you to listen to this EP right now, you won't be disappointed.

To hear some trax check out:

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