Sunday, February 7, 2010

Alter The Ending - Dashboard Confessional

On November 10th 2009 Dashboard Confessional released Alter The Ending featuring some radical new tunes which push Dashboard in a rock direction, while keeping the well crafted emotional, singer-songwriter lyrics.

The CD begins just the way Dashboard Confessional started: Chris Carrabba and a guitar. The track "Get Me Right" features a two verse intro with a melody on the words "get me right" that swirls up and away like a firecracker gone rogue

"Alter The Ending" alters the dashboard ending and brings the half time, "little Devotional" Esque Rock intro that I was begging for. After bringing it up a notch, Mr. Carrabba brings it back down to the old scool dashboard style with "Even Now". Incredible imagery depicts the lonely, missing, hopeful protagonist that we all have somewhere deep down inside of us. Hoping he can strum the ghost of a girl back into his life.

After this melancholy adventure on the staircase, we take a right turn into the hallway of Dashboards brick house. Another turn reveals the devious science lab where frothing beakers, bubbling potions, some synthesizers, and hopefully some of the missing muppets have been hiding all these years. Here is where the "pop"sicle called "The Motions" was somehow extracted from the back of Carrabba's mad scientist brain. My favorite track on the CD goes where no Dashboard has been before and busts into the synth pop world to take a look around. A song about the chemical reaction that is love, this song makes the chemical reactions in my brain just sing along like those hyenas in the lion king.

The single on the album "Belle of the Boulevard" is a catchy, well constructed song, but to me it feels almost formulaic. It's one of those track syou feel like you know right after your first listen, but I wanted more.

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